Cracow is just around the corner! All top attractions and historical landmarks are within the distance of 1km to our hostel!

MAIN SQUARE – it’s probably the most recognized market square in the world! Admired at day for its architectural design, it’s the heart of Kraków’s vivid nightlife, thanks to hundreds of bars, pubs, clubs and cafes. Right at the center you’ll find the famous Cloth Hall (known in Polish as “Sukiennice”), the statue of our national poet, Adam Mickiewicz, and the medieval Town Hall. This is where New Year’s celebration and the huge Christmas fair take place each year, and it’s only a few meters away from Intro Hostel! Click here

ROYAL ROUTE – this is the official way the king and his suite would pass centuries ago. Take a walk and see the most famous historical monuments of Kraków: Barbican, St. Florian’s Gate, Floriańska Street leading to the Main Square and Grodzka Street that takes you right to the Wawel Hill and Royal Castle. Such a trip takes a few hours, but it’s only the beginning! Distance from Intro – 60m – Click here

THE CRACOW BARBAICAN – a unique and phenomenal example of gothic military architecture, constructed in 1499. Its three-meter-thick walls, 7 towers and a deep moat made it truly unconquerable. Distance from Intro – 700m – Click here

FLORIAŃSKA STREET – there’s a great deal of Polish history in here! The 16th century house of Jan Matejko, Poland’s most important historical painter, Museum of Pharmacy, famous cafes and dozens of medieval tenement houses, admired by the best Polish poets. Distance from Intro – 350m – Click here

SUKIENNICE (The Coth Hall) – today it’s one of the greatest historical monuments, but centuries ago it used to be a sort of… medieval shopping center! Actually, you can still go shopping there if you’re interested in handmade goods and souvenirs. You’ll also find the Gallery of the 19th-Century Polish Art on the second floor of this astounding renaissance building. Distance from Intro – 60m – Click there

THE CZARTORYSKI MUSEUM AND LIBRARY – one of the oldest museums in Poland. Da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine” and Rembrandt’s “The Good Samaritan” are only 700 meters from Intro Hostel! Click here

THE ALTARPIECE OF VEIT STOSS – the 13-meter-high and 11-meter-long altar contains more than 200 wooden figures and is the biggest treasure of St. Mary’s Basilica. The church built in 1222 is also famous for Jan Matejko’s polychromic work and St. Mary’s Trumpet Call, played every 60 minutes since 1927. It’s only 250 metres from Intro Hostel. Click here

MAIN SQUARE’S TENEMENT HOUSES – one of the Polish kings lived in the famous Kamienica Szara (Grey House), which also hosted a Polish and American national hero: Tadeusz Kościuszko. The Montelupi Tenement House is a birthplace of Polish Post (1569). The well-known Hetmańska House, built as early as the 14th century, is actually attached to the Intro Hostel building. History is right here! Distance from Intro – zero meters 🙂 Click here

MAIN SQUARE UNDERGROUND MUSEUM O – a multimedia trail depicting Kraków’s long history. During 4 years of work, hundreds of archeological pieces were gathered 4 meters under the Main Square surface. It’s a true journey into the past brought to life by archeologists. It’s definitely a must-see, with its remnants of medieval walls, stone roads and the literal foundations of Kraków. Only 120 meters from Intro Hostel! Click here

COLLEGIUM MAIUS – the oldest building of Kraków Academy, founded in 1364 by King Casimir the Great and later turned into Jagiellonian University. Admire the medieval well set in the middle of the yard, and don’t forget to see the museum of old astronomy equipment. It’s only 300 meters from Intro Hostel!  Click here

WAWEL HILL – it was the residence of Polish princes long before Poland became an official country! The Wawel cathedral is a place where Polish kings were crowned. Many of them are buried in the cathedral’s underground.  Have a look at the legendary, 2-meter-tall, 10-ton-heavy Royal Sigismund Bell. The castle itself is definitely the first thing you should see when coming to Kraków. It’s 1000 metres from Intro Hostel – Click here

BULWARY WIŚLANE – the best place in town to take a walk or ride a bike gives you a chance to try out the Kraków Water Tram, that takes you for a trip down the biggest Polish river. Ask our receptionists where to hop on the boat. Check out the live camera with a view on the boulevards and the castle: Click here. It’s 900 metres from Intro Hostel Click here

THE WAWEL DRAGON  – according to the legend, the cave under the Wawel Hill used to be inhabited by a huge dragon, that was finally defeated by a clever shoemaker’s boy. Today, you can see the cave with your own eyes, along with the dragon sculpture breathing actual fire! It’s 900 metres from Intro Hostel – Click here

KAZIMIERZ DISTRICT – what used to be a separate town founded in 1335, and then an autonomous Jewish district, has been devastated and neglected after World War Two. However, in the last 20 years, it became the undisputed center of Kraków cultural life, with the international Jewish Culture Festival organized here each year and hundreds of atmospheric cafes and music clubs. It’s 1500 metres from Intro Hostel – Click here

SCHINDLER’S FACTORY MUSEUM  – this where the famous German entrepreneur saved thousands of Jews by signing them up on the so-called Schindler’s List and hiring them in his prosperous factory. Since 2007, the place functions as the Museum of Contemporary Art and a part of Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. It’s 2800 meters from Intro Hostel – Click here 

KOŚCIUSZKO MOUND – erected in commemoration of the Polish national hero Tadeusz Kościuszko, it’s one of the most popular places for taking a long walk. You can see the whole city and even the Tatra mountains from the top of the mound! It’s 3900 meters from Intro Hostel – Click here

HOT AIR BALLOON – another great way to see the whole Kraków, this time from a bird’s eye view! Ask our receptionists for details. Distance from Intro – 1800m Click here

BŁONIA PARK – however crazy it sounds, it’s one of the biggest meadows in centers of European cities. You’ll find two  football clubs and a rugby club here! This is where the first plane in Kraków took off in 1910. Today it’s a popular leisure spot and space for massive cultural and sport events. If you like riding a bike, rollerblading, jogging or skateboarding – this is your place! It’s 1000 meters from Intro Hostel – Click here



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After sightseeing… Krawl Trough Krakow!

After sightseeing… Krawl Trough Krakow!Cień, Prozak, Frantic, Shakers, Diva, Coco… difficult choise? Don't worry, with Krawl Trough Krakow you will spend crazy night :) ask at our reception where to find them...


TRIP TO SALT MINEIn our hostel you can buy ticket to Solt Mine. To get more info call: +48 12 430 24 02, or send e-mail: recepcja@introhostel.pl

Krakow Pinball Museum

Krakow Pinball MuseumGood fun, for older memories, for the younger something different than the console ... Intro recommends :) ask at the reception how this place will be found (photo: Interactive Flipper Museum)


SCHINDLER’S FACTORYIn our hostel you can buy tickets to many famous and interesting places. To get more info call: +48 12 430 24 02, or send e-mail: recepcja@introhostel.pl


i-labirynth"... you will find yourself in the world of a labyrinth, a world of fear, illusion and mysteries! You have 60 minutes to go 600 square meters to solve its mysteries and get out! You have only a flashlight and your courage ..." at the Intro reception you will find out how to find the entrance to the labyrinth (photo and description: I-Labirynth)