If you like meeting new people and don’t want to spend lots of money, you’ll love the Free Walking Tour. It’ll show you everything you need to see in Kraków.

If you prefer more intimate ways of sightseeing, we can get you a private, professional city guide, who’ll organize a tour tailored specifically to your needs. Prices are negotiated individually, depending on the tour.

Whatever your preference is, we’ll be glad to help you organize your own way of visiting Kraków, free of charge. Just give us a call us or write an e-mail to us!


TRIP TO AUSCHWITZIn our hostel you can buy ticket to Auschwitz. To get more info call: +48 12 430 24 02, or send e-mail:

After sightseeing… Krawl Trough Krakow!

After sightseeing… Krawl Trough Krakow!Cień, Prozak, Frantic, Shakers, Diva, Coco… difficult choise? Don't worry, with Krawl Trough Krakow you will spend crazy night :) ask at our reception where to find them...


TRIP TO SALT MINEIn our hostel you can buy ticket to Solt Mine. To get more info call: +48 12 430 24 02, or send e-mail:

Krakow Pinball Museum

Krakow Pinball MuseumGood fun, for older memories, for the younger something different than the console ... Intro recommends :) ask at the reception how this place will be found (photo: Interactive Flipper Museum)


SCHINDLER’S FACTORYIn our hostel you can buy tickets to many famous and interesting places. To get more info call: +48 12 430 24 02, or send e-mail:


i-labirynth"... you will find yourself in the world of a labyrinth, a world of fear, illusion and mysteries! You have 60 minutes to go 600 square meters to solve its mysteries and get out! You have only a flashlight and your courage ..." at the Intro reception you will find out how to find the entrance to the labyrinth (photo and description: I-Labirynth)